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In Under the Big Tree, public health leader Ellen Agler and award-winning writer Mojie Crigler tell the moving stories of those struggling with these diseases and the life-saving work that can be—and has been—done to combat NTDs. They introduce readers to people from all walks of life—from car-washers in Lake Victoria and surgeons on motorbikes to under-resourced local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Big Pharma scientists—as they chronicle what has been called the largest public health program in the world.

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Watch Ellen Agler discuss what motivated her to document these stories


Teacher’s Guide

Under the Big Tree is a powerful addition to high school and college courses in science, social studies, economics, and current events. 

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Speaking Inquires

Ellen serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the END Fund, working to see an end of the suffering caused by five neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) affecting 1.5 billion people. The END Fund actively supports NTD programs with dozens of partners in more than 25 countries, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa.

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More Advance Praise

Under the Big Tree is an inspiring reminder of what is possible when those in the global health field put their faith in people and their trust in evidence . 

–Margaret Chan, Former Director-General, World Health Organization

The compelling—and largely untold—story of the people and activities addressing the scourge of tropical disease.

— Gilbert Burnham, MD, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

An excellent example of partnerships developing around a common cause and an inspiration for those involved in not only neglected tropical diseases, but also in improving healthcare for the most neglected of communities.

— Adrian Hopkins, MD, Mectizan Donation Program

The fight against neglected tropical diseases is one of the most important public health stories of the last quarter century. I recommend this book to anyone looking to understand this under appreciated story.

— Elie Hassenfeld, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Givewell

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